Friday, February 16, 2018

Square Dog Friday ! rain is gud

Best day of the week is here
Square Dog Friday !
Lets woof it.

 6:30 am 14 February.
Our Valentine was rain !
Better than chocolates and flowers.

 about time it is iwinston turn on iwinstons blog
nice tall person who feeds me is takin' over not liken' this

what is this wet 
 yesh iwinston is liken' wet stuff

 iwinston is liken' playin' in wet stuff

 gots' my stick 

 iwinston is happy gud dug playin' with stick

 iwinston has so much curly thick fur that even when cut and groomed 
it finds a way to curl.

 Had a snack, chewed on toy then off to nap.

 nice tall person who feeds me made iwinston a scotty pancake
aww iwinston is liken' cookie

 it was gud
gud gud gud

As always here is your pretty to start the weekend.

Trying to take a pho of the rain clouds that are perched  over my home in the mountains.
I saw the light that is over the kitchen nook . Was going to turn if off but thought this is so cool.
When I try to take moon photos the moon always look so small.
I really liked this shot. Will try to take it again to see if I can get a clearer one.

It started to rain here on Valentines Day. Just a light sprinkle that turned into a nice gentle rain.
Thursday it rained all day as I watched the clouds drop and lift all day. 
Still a nice quiet rain today but will clear a bit later today. 
Saturday the rains start again with some sunshine.

We are so happy to finally have some rain. it has been a very short winter or almost none.
Maybe three days a month ago. That is very bad for us. We need the winter rain that is the  
nourishing rains that  feeds the earth and all who live on it.

cheers,  parsnip and mandibles

Monday, February 12, 2018

Monday morning in Tucson. . . Fire season early

 Yikes !
Dry plants, dry earth and no rain and snow. 
The Fire department said this is what we see at the start of summer not February.

6:30 this morning

 Who is hanging around the neighborhood for several days.
My east side yard is safe but my backyard is just fenced so I have to stay outside with iwinston.


Here is your pretty (several pretties) for the start of the week.


 My favorite photo of Oliver his eye is so beautiful.



 Three ... touchdown !

Here is pretty pretty pretty Merida
Miss Marabou !
I lurve her

Have a wonderful start of the week

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, February 9, 2018

Square Dog Friday, Giggle Ball

Best day of the week is here, Square Dog Friday !

I was outside playing giggleball with iwinston.
One of his favorite games, lots of fun and then DISASTER !
Giggleball rolled down the steps into the pool !


What you do not see is after barking he runs up the steps to me.
He looks at me like save me from the Godzilla Ball or
hurry up and get it out so we can play !
Then he runs down again to start barking again then back to me.

 iwinston play now


As always here is your pretty for the weekend.

Things I find in iwinstons mouth.

Little twigs a few roots and one stone.
As I look out outside you can see him sitting there munching
away on something that is hanging out of one side of his mouth.
He is a hoot !

Have a great weekend !
cheers,  parsnip

February 8, 2018

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Mecha Godzilla vs Furry Godzilla !

Mecha Godzilla vs Furry Godzilla
Who will destroy the Gingerbread House !

 We know who will win this battle !
Really no constest !

 I collect rocks and gems.
Sometimes I don't know what they are except beautiful and interesting.
I can not remember where I found this in Tucson !

 One of my tiny cactus bloomed. The bloom is about the size of nail on your tiny finger.
Of course I am so clumsy I knocked it over trying to take this photo !

 Tiny baby plants growing next to mother plant.

 What today looks like. 'Temperature today 40/80 Too warm/hot, all sun no clouds.
No rain or snow either. It will be a bad summer.
A few succulents in my studio.
The super tiny baby one is from my daughters friend Stephenie who grows them.

 Kokedama, Japanese plant moss ball.
I grew this from a leaf ! Yea me.



Here is your mid week pretty.

Have a lovely rest of the week.

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, February 2, 2018

Square Dog Friday and so it begins !

The Battle for the Crown.

 The meeting of Winston mac Mandibles Churchill and Squirrel Lancelot. 

 Planning the course of the battle.

 I challenge for the Crown.

 The battle begins.

 The brave mandibles.

 Snowballs fly with fearsome skill.

 Squirrel Lancelot is down but he has the crown !

 The battle is won.

 The saga continues. . .

As always here is your pretty for the start of the weekends.

Son took these photos.

Oliver, I lurve him.

Merida or Miss Pretty is sitting on his lap.

cheers,  parsnip

Doctors visit was interesting and frustrating.
I have new meds and two old meds are gone for now.
If I start to blow up like a balloon (more than I am already) and more headaches
 I have to stop them and go back to the old meds.  
Right now I have to track the weight gain and side effects for a month.
The side effects are driving me crazy !

As my theatrical thehamish use to say...
woe woe 
oh woe is me
Thank you for all your good wishes.
You all have a terrific weekend.
I will !