Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's March Tucson, Arizona

Son joined 15,000 womens, children and men in solidarity with other 
marches over the United States and World.
Adam told me he was marching for his sister, women, children and people of the world.
The speakers gave a shout out to all the brothers marching with the women and children.
It was a great day in Tucson and America. 

The only problem with this march is that it had
Congressman Grijalva speaking. For me he is the most
vile, condescending Democrat. I personally despise him.
But other than that a terrific day.

One quick shout out to the wonderful Tucson Police who had street blocked,
barriers up, keeping cars away and the marchers safe.

cheers,  gayle

Friday, January 20, 2017

Square Dog Friday but no Larry

It is that day again, the best day in the week,
Square Dog Friday.
You know the drill so let's woof it !


On Thursday we drove up to Phoenix to meet a dog called Larry.
A mop of Cairn Terrier to be a friend for thehamish.
Two and a half hours up the last half hour of Phoenix traffic.
We arrived at the "Meet and Greet" and found out they really wanted us to look 
at two other dogs that were very cute but not the one we really came up to see.
Turns out Larry was not at all like his photo and although very cute and sweet 
was an intergenic puppy that I really can not handle. 
What really frustrated me was the photo was clearly not Larry.
We ate a quick lunch, and gave money to someone who really needed it
and drove home. It took us forever to get through the mess that is Phoenix traffic
near the airport and made it back home again.
The biggest disappointment of this day was later in the evening I did look at the 
Pima County Shelter page (which breaks my heart) and found among all the 
Chihuahua and Pitbulls were four terrier mixes that I could have looked at yesterday !
They will be gone by today (small dog always are)and I am super frustrated. 
I have three appointments today that leaves me no time to go way across town 
and see them.
Either they will be adopted out or a "group" will scoop them up 
and I will have to try find the group if I can, and then adopt from them.
So here on this crazy Friday is the gud dug thehamish.


Here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.

It is alway a gud day to play with a gud dug.

frustrated. . .parsnip
music. . . Paris, The Chainsmokers

Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekend catch up

It has rained off and on all weekend.
We need the rain so I was very happy.

 The turn to my street with the Catalina Mountains in the background.


 I am still getting use to find a cat asleep in different places in the house.

 Oliver loves to sit and be taken for a ride in the basket of my walker.
He will sit there till you take him out.
He is the strangest cat I know. He will let you pick him up any time and pet him.
He will roll over so you can pet his tummy. He is a hoot.

 This year I bought two new Amaryllis
This bulb comes wrapped in wax and needs no water.
It does not grow so tall but is so beautiful.
The bulb is not good to be replanted, but I think I will try to cut the wax off
and see what happens.

 Even with just one bloom left I think it looks wonderful.

 I like this one because it was so different.

 I left them too long in the bag so they were not watered as much as they should have been,
when they started to bloom.

 This was the photo on the instructions.
I hope next year they look more like this.

 I bought myself  some new Birthday slippers. 
So lovely and comfortable.

 Sunset shadows on the wall outside and inside my bathroom floor to ceiling window.

 Rainy cloud cover  the Santa Ritas Mountains (you can't see them) as the storm is heading 
north towards my home.

The view into the living room from my front door.
I will miss my Christmas tree.


And as always just because I can here is you pretty to start the week.

Remember the basket of Javelinas babies ?

The new baby has joined my other Javelinas.

Monday morning.

javelina. . . parsnip
music. . . Roses,  The Chainsmokers

Friday, January 13, 2017

i thehamish

Square Dog Friday is here.
Best day of the week.
woof !


This one slipped in. . .
 of my sweet baboo Watson. I miss him so much.


 i thehamish is tired

thehamish vet has said to me she just does not know what to do with him.
We get one problem under control and another rears it ugly head.
We have his diabetes back in control and now his kidneys are acting up.
They are "washing" ? out to much protein. 
In two weeks he has lost 2 pounds. I can feel his backbone and ribs.
He despises the new food and it doesn't like him much either.
So I am reintroducing it a spoonful at a time.
To say I am worried, upset and frustrated is an understatement.
We are suppose to have cooler temps this weekend with rain in
the valley and snow in the mountains.
Fingers crossed.

As always here is your pretty to start the weekend.
 My sweetheart, thehamish.

This is so my home !

frustrated . . . parsnip
music. . . Closer,  The Chainsmokers

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sabino Canyon and Me !

Posted here are some photos from my trip (3 minutes from my home) to
Saguaro National Park East.
This was on 4 January, my Birthday.

 We had a hard freeze several years ago and this cholla cactus was damaged
but it grows on.

 Several windows in the Information Center frame lovely views.
Always my favorite place to take photos.

Bumpy photos from the tram ride up and down Sabino Canyon.

 Yes we have a beach in Tucson !

 And water in the river.

 Vaper trails.

 I so wanted this rock !
It was large and very beautiful.

 On the right lower part of the white rock was some silver mica that sparkles in the sun light.
But not for my camera. 
I love rocks and have my eyes down to the ground as much as they are up looking at the sky.

 This is a photo of a post card. showing you one of the bridges over the river.
they are charming but narrow. When they are repaired they use the same plans so they look the same 
 but with  newer materials.

On the day daughter sent me this photo of where she lives 
a few day after she got back home from Tucson...

...this is how my day looked.

 A very healthy looking coyote, about the size of a German Shepard.

 Large herd of Javelinas about 20+
Several tiny babies. One of the twins was much smaller than the other and I worry .

As always here is you pretty for the middle of the week.

We grow the scorpions big here !

A basket of baby Javelinas.  
Yes, I bought one. I really wanted all of them !

javelina. . . parsnip
music. . . Castle On The Hill,  Ed Sheeran